Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets - Done!

We finished painting our kitchen cabinets a couple weeks ago and hung them up last week. They look absolutely amazing! We wanted to brighten up the kitchen, but didn't want the cabinets to be all white since the appliances, counter, floor, and walls are all various shades of white/off-white. A dear friend from Seattle helped me choose the perfect sage green for the bottom cabinets and I couldn't love it more! We opted to spend a little extra on the paint in hopes that it won't chip and will last quite a few years before needing to be touched up. We got Stix primer since the laminate cabinets are super shiny but can't be sanded much because they're cheap particle board underneath. And then for the paint, we used Benjamin Moore Advance, which is designed for cabinets and it looks wonderful! Since we couldn't really do much with the cabinet pulls, we bought new ones (we bought cheap-ish ones, but they were still expensive!). After the expense of the cabinet pulls, we didn't want to spend more to buy new hinges, so my hubby took one of our new cabinet pulls to Home Depot and came home with a can of spray paint that matched the color almost exactly. Just one coat of spray paint and the hinges looked so much better! The project still isn't completely done, we want to paint the pantry doors green also (and we'll put new door knobs on the pantry - the fake gold ones just won't do!) and there is a wall in the kitchen that is still wood paneling, but it looks a million times better already!

And, without further ado, here is the before and after picture!

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