Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Homemade Frozen Burritos

Possibly one of the hardest things for me to figure out since getting married has been how to cook enough food for dinners and then have enough for lunch... I don't like sandwiches, so there aren't a lot of easy lunch options for me... My hubby would be fine eating a PB&J everyday, but I wanted to give him something to look forward to for lunch most days. I started sometimes buying frozen burritos (the healthier ones), but I didn't want to keep paying $3 for each burrito that wasn't even that good or healthy. So then I had a light bulb moment and realized that I could probably make my own burritos and freeze them for those days when there weren't leftovers or we were rushed to get out the door. The results were some amazing homemade burritos! I love them and so does my hubby :-) 

For us, there's just something about a breakfast burrito, so I've been making all of them more breakfast-y even though we eat them for lunch. I make batches of 10ish at a time, so my tiny kitchen gets a bit chaotic, but it's worth it!

Homemade Frozen Breakfast Burritos (for lunch)

  • 12 eggs
  • Sweet potatoes, approximately 2 pounds
  • Some kind of meat (I use either sausage or seasoned ground beef)
  • Salsa
  • Anything else I feel like adding (black beans, cheese, mushrooms, onion, etc)
When making these, I use two pans - one for the sweet potatoes and one for the meat and then the eggs. 
1. Cut up sweet potatoes and cook in a large frying pan
2. Meanwhile, cook the meat - along with any veggies or anything else that needs cooking. When the meat is done (it probably won't take as long as the sweet potatoes), move it to a bowl and cook the eggs in the meat pan. 
3. When the eggs are almost done, add the salsa
4. When everything is cooked, assemble the burritos with a spoonful of meat, spoonful of eggs, and a spoonful of sweet potatoes
5. Heat a griddle to medium heat. Put the rolled up burritos fold-side down in the pan (I can fit 4 at a time on my pan). Heat until light brown and sealed shut, then turn and heat until golden brown. 
6. Remove from the pan and let cool. Then wrap in foil or cling film and freeze or refrigerate.

To heat from frozen, microwave for 3 minutes or heat in the oven.

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  1. Love this idea Sarah! I have recently been thinking of doing this myself, as we buy burritos for Randy for those days I don't have time to make his lunch. ;) Thanks for posting!